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Katherine is a strong leader and we need to work together to not only keep her in office, but to strengthen the Democratic majority in the House

Organizing takes many forms – sharing online content, making phone calls, knocking doors, as well as simply talking to your friends and family to name a few. Our hope is to work with you to find ways to fit organizing for Team Clark into your existing routine! No matter how much time you have, we promise you there is a spot for you on the team.

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Starting to organize is easier than you may think. All good organizing starts with honing in on why you want to get involved and then sharing that with others.

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Everyone has their own story about why they get involved. We’d love to get to know yours! Fill out our interest and priorities survey to help us get to know you better.

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We regularly host trainings where you can learn to:

🗣  Have tough conversations about politics.

📣  Share your story and relate it to policies you hear about in the news.

💻  Volunteer for Team Clark.

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Suzan DelBene is the leader we need at the DCCC. She has the right experience and leadership to meet this pivotal moment. As a former Frontline member and determined fundraiser, she knows what it takes to lead House Democrats back to the Majority.

Congratulations, @SuzanDelBene!

I’m proud to endorse @JennMcClellanVA. Jenn is the proven leader we need in Congress to fight for women and families in her community and across the Commonwealth. She will be a history-making voice for progress and a fierce advocate for her neighbors in this critical moment. -KC

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